Creating a Twitter Community

In order to find interesting users to follow and to create an interesting and relevant Twitter community, you just have to click on the menu heading Find People and type in the username that you want to follow.

You can use Twitter recommendations that are grouped based on interests, or choose to follow friends of your friends. When you find someone interesting, you just click on Follow, and you will get his tweets from that moment on. From the user’s profile and tweets, you will very soon find out if he is interesting and relevant, or not. For example, if someone is only tweeting about his meals, or is advertising something that is irrelevant to you, you will probably choose to unfollow him. But if this user is tweeting interesting stuff and also posts relevant links, and at the same time regularly communicates with other Twitter users by writing tweets on an individual @username, then you will probably decide that this is a relevant member of the Twitter community.

It is not a goal to follow as many users on Twitter as possible, but to follow quality users. In time, the number of relevant users will grow and you will create your own Twitter community. One in which you will be able to get relevant information from other group members to help one other, and enjoy more interesting, challenging and modern communication.


You can protect the privacy of your profile and your messages on Twitter just as on Facebook. However, this is not recommended on Twitter because if a user blocks his tweets then other users/members of the community might get the idea that this user is not into cooperating and exchanging information. There is an ongoing debate on whether users should protect their messages or not, and if this is beneficial or not. Everybody should decide on this alone, taking into account the long-term consequences of such a decision.

Additional Programs

You can use several different programs on Twitter to add a photo or video to your tweet. Other than on a network, Twitter can be used on number of clients such as Tweetdeck, Seismic, Brizzly, Hootsuite, Marketing Heaven etc. Tweetdeck is one of the most popular because you can download it for free. It will automatically shorten your links and will completely present a so-called timeline, which is a display of all tweets of all users we follow. You can add an option to get all tweets in which your @username is mentioned, a menu with private tweets, and even a menu to see in real time what is happening on your Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn page – while at the same time having several different user accounts. Tweetdeck will also show photos or YouTube videos without the need to open other applications.


When you build a community on Twitter, you will have a support group that will help you reach your business goals – and attract new users. You will get an effective tool to improve your sales results as well as to perform research and predict outcomes. Twitter promotions, sales and special offers will additionally give a boost to your business, and your community will definitely help you with it.





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